Whoaw, today I was driving on the E40 in the direction of Ghent coming from Brussels when suddenly from the right a car inserts into the drive lanes with full camouflage. Not tham I am a Lexus fan but seeing a test mule on our roads isn’t something that happens quite often. I suppose it is a Lexus GS based on the shapes and the tail lights.

I managed to get my iPhone in my hands and did made a few shots. Not the very best I know but driving and making pictures are two simultaneous tasks but “men can’t multitask” they say so I have a very good excuse.

At some point, they knew I was making photo’s. When I passed by I went to the first lane and they stayed behind me, even when I dropped my speed, for several miles. I just managed to make one more last shot, when leaving the highway, at the end when they passed by.

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