Brand new web site online and re-activated this blog.


It was time to update the self hosted web site based on the WordPress platform with a new design and more features. When looking into some solutions – design and develop it myself, buy and install a new template on the self hosted Wordpress platform or outsource the hosting – it was clear that a hosted platform for photographers was the easiest and most efficient way to implement the features that I will need in the near future.

After testing some hosting platforms for photographers, Photodeck was choosen to serve the new web site at

Because Photodeck is missing a “real” blog platform, this hosted WordPress blog will be used to post some articles.

Read further if you are interested in the pro’s and con’s of the hosted platform for photographers. Otherwise, enjoy your visit.



  • Large community and ability to be present in the “Find photographer” section
  • Lots of information and guides on how to improve your business, Google ranking and more


  • Available templates are outdated regarding design
  • Commission up to 10% – 8% when selling images
  • No support for multiple languages

Note: the new Beam Beta platform was tested as well and regarding design it is very modern and minimal which I like. Beam Beta still lacks a lot of features (no 100% full screen, e-commerce is somehow integrated in a strange way, no slideshow on the homepage or gallery selection) and I found it too early to adopt the platform.



  • Fast loading times
  • No commission when selling images
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Modern and minimal looking templates
  • Responsive layout so looks good on computer, tablets and smartphones


  • No real integrated blog like WordPress however you can export your site design towards a self hosted WordPress platform
  • Very little support: I had send two support requests but got no answer. I solved the issue myself  🙂

The above platforms have been tested with a trial account. Hosted solutions like SmugMug, Zenfolio and others have not been tested thoroughgoing.

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