Some time ago, an engagement shoot has been done with Maaike & Anthony in the studio and I have published some nice pictures of this shoot. But, not everything was published on my blog because Maaike & Anthony requested something special: an A3 size poster wedding invitation in a concept of the Mr & Mrs Smith movie style.

To create the concept, taken from a DVD cover of the movie Mr & Mrs Smith with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, two separate shots (see below) from Maaike and Anthony were merged into one design after some slight modifications and removal of the background shadows. Typography has been added in the same style as the DVD cover but of course modified to bring the message to the invited guests.

Note: the weapons were not real but air soft guns and not loaded during the shoot. No animals, the photographer or any other living beings were harmed in any way during the shoot.


Find below some additional images of the photoshoot.

Photography, photo retouching, conceptual design and printing services were provided in house. If you are interested in a special and unique wedding concepts, please contact me.

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