We all know Bart Peeters from shows and as host on television but Bart Peeters is also active as a musician and singer.

Recently, Bart Peeters  released his album “Op De Groei” (roughly translated as “Growing up”), published on 03/10/2014, and started touring in Belgium. Soft and slow songs were mixed with amusing, and sometimes with very cryptic lyrics. Songs like “Lepeltjesgewijs”, “Op De Groei”,  “Boechout mijn land”, “Konijneneten”,… were brought by Bart Peeters and his band, all capable of playing different types of instruments, all tied up with some humorous stories that Bart Peeters brings in his own typical style.

There was the opportunity to attend one of the concerts in the CC De Biekort, Lebbeke, and I was allowed to take pictures from a special event, a wedding proposal on stage. During the special moment, some close ups were possible but otherwise I was limited to shoot pictures from a distance and also without flash to avoid disturbing the other spectators.

After all, it was a very pleasant job to do so and I hope that in the near future, I can do such events and concert photography more often. Here are some pictures of the concert of Bart Peeters, the images of the wedding proposal are kept private.


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